Warm-ups & learning the Multiply song sections

7 Videos

  • 1:59

    Multiply! - introductory course 1

    This introductory course features 7 videos that will empower your class to learn the actual song elements featured throughout the course. The warm-ups will also help sharpen the...

  • 4:81

    Multiply! - introductory course 2

    The full track demo will show your class how the song unfolds from start to finish - the demo uses the 6 times table version as an example. (the format remains the same for ea...

  • 7:21

    Multiply! - introductory course 3

    The body warm-ups engage mind and body to prepare the group to be focused to tackle the times table elements in the subsequent courses.

  • 6:26

    Multiply! - introductory course 4

    These fun vocal warm-ups focus primarily on the articulators to ensure that the mouth produces clear answers throughout the course!

  • 4:28

    Multiply! - introductory course 5

    A breakdown tutorial of the opening rap with "call and response" with Danny.

  • 3:35

    Multiply! - introductory course 6

    A breakdown tutorial of the singing section with "call and response" with Danny.

  • 3:18

    Multiply! - introductory course 7

    A breakdown tutorial of the closing rap section with "call and response" with Danny.

Fun games and tutorials for each song section

This introductory course is the perfect fun warm-up for the class that will prepare their;

- Focus 
- Energy
- Mental agility (ready for the Maths elements in the subsequent courses!)

For the children to really "fly" with the whole collection of courses (and enjoy them to the max!) - learning the song in advance - either here or by watching the YouTube demos is highly recommended!

This intro course contains:

- Body and brain games
- Fun vocal exercises
- Separate tutorials for each section of the song
- Full demo from our example class of kids (using the 6 times table)